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Why become a TypeWell Transcriber?

Join the TypeWell community. Benefit others.

You're inquisitive. You like to learn. You enjoy helping others. You have exceptional English language skills.

You're just our type.

TypeWell Transcribers need to have a strong work ethic, be adaptable, and be able to improvise. Though those qualities may not always be prized elsewhere, they mean everything in the TypeWell profession.

transcriber asking instructor question in class as students observe

Transcribers are the face of TypeWell, whether managing scheduling and logistics for a new site or situation, or building rapport with instructors.

A job you really love.

There are many reasons to love your job as a TypeWell transcriber. It's not dull. Each semester brings a new set of assignments with ever-changing participants.

You learn something daily, and acquire information you might not otherwise encounter with exposure to complex, advanced subjects.

TypeWell is used all over North America, so you can take your job anywhere.

Most important, you benefit others while building a career.

smiling woman with laptop computer

When you see someone succeed, you are rewarded, because your efforts have helped to make it possible.

We care about your training.

Each person comes to us with particular skills and strengths. It is our job to ensure that you get the right tools to succeed.

Throughout TypeWell training, you are not alone. You have a team of live teachers who read your transcripts, answer your questions, and listen to your suggestions. We believe that is the best way to achieve consistent, quality training. Automated teaching systems only go so far — they cannot check deeply for accurate understanding the way a live teacher can.

We care about your career.

We offer opportunities for continuing education — including online workshops — to keep your skills sharp and to share ideas and best practices.

We want to hear from you. What you're doing, how you're doing, and what you enjoy most about your work at TypeWell.

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