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Meet the TypeWell team!

Kate Ervin (Executive Director)

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Kate became a TypeWell transcriber in 2004, while her career pursuits took her from Chicago, to Baltimore, to New York City, to Arizona. Wherever she went, one thing remained constant: she loved being a TypeWell transcriber because it satisfied her desire to help others and to learn.

In 2009, Kate became a TypeWell teacher. Two years later, she took over the company’s operations from founders Steve and Judy Colwell. Now, she’s guiding TypeWell’s growth and development with a team of dedicated professionals.

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Janet Fedorchuk (Training Program Administrator)

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A TypeWell transcriber since September 2003, Janet works primarily at post-secondary institutions in Vancouver, BC and in Bellingham, WA. She joined the TypeWell teaching team in 2011 and currently teaches the Basic Skills Course and the Refresher Course.

As the TypeWell Pre-Training Coordinator for Judy Colwell (before the training was conducted online) many years ago, Janet had the fortunate opportunity to introduce TypeWell to Canada.

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Betty Barnes (Administrative Assistant)

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Betty joined TypeWell in 2015, bringing decades of experience as an administrative assistant and medical transcriptionist. She enjoys walking, reading, photography, and intense chess matches with her husband.

A two-time cancer survivor, Betty shares the spirit of "giving back" common among survivors. In this regard, she hopes to enrich the lives of others through her contributions as a member of the TypeWell team.

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Becky Davdison (Program & Scheduling Coordinator)

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It was a need to rejoin the workforce that led Becky to become a TypeWell Transcriber in 2009. Providing transcription and coordinating transcription services at the University of Nebraska at Kearney fueled her passion for the communication access industry and directed her personal and professional goals.

Becky completed a Master's in Disability Studies at CUNY in 2016. As Program & Scheduling Coordinator at TypeWell, she enjoys the opportunity to work with amazing people in the speech-to-text community, newbies and seasoned professionals alike.

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Steve Colwell (Founder, Software Architect)

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Steve has a head for software development and a heart for its applications. He trained as a computer engineer, but quickly found his real aptitude was in helping people solve problems through technology.

Steve is one of the masterminds behind TypeWell's proprietary transcribing software, along with Dr. Judy Colwell (Co-Founder and Research Director). Their dedication to responsiveness, support, and technical innovation endure as the basic principles of the company.

Ken Deutsch (Examiner)

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Ken came to TypeWell by chance in 2007 when a transcribing agency staff member saw his keyboard speed/accuracy and recruited him. His skills as a professional writer and his love of language also make him a natural fit for TypeWell.

Ken has become a valuable member of the TypeWell team, and he regularly contributes to Byword, the TypeWell blog.

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