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In what kinds of classes and meetings do TypeWell services work best?

Classes and meetings in which one person talks a lot, such as lecture classes, are ideal for transcription services. Classes and meetings with a lot of discussion are also candidates if the transcriber can sit where he or she can easily hear everyone speaking, and if everyone is encouraged to speak clearly and individually.

Math and science classes are often not good candidates for TypeWell services by first-year transcribers. Such technical classes often require additional materials, such as diagrams, special symbols and extensive formulas, which are best transcribed by experienced transcribers using the advanced math techniques in TypeWell Version 7 or above.

Law and medical classes, which often require that the verbatim wording of information be available to students, may be inappropriate for TypeWell. In all cases, only experienced transcribers, who know the subject matter to some degree, should be assigned to such classes.

Classes and meetings with presenters who speak very quickly, and/or whose lectures are very dense with technical information, can be very challenging to a transcriber. Only experienced transcribers should be assigned to transcribe such classes. It is often also necessary to provide prep time for the transcriber to become familiar with topics that will be discussed.

TypeWell is an English-based system and thus not ideal for use in foreign language classes. Some sites do use TypeWell in foreign language classes, but the transcriber must know the foreign language well enough to transfer their real-time skills from English into the foreign language setting, while simultaneously monitoring their typed output for accuracy, spelling, grammar, etc.

** Multilingual transcribers who wish to use TypeWell's (beta) Spanish and/or French language dictionaries must contact us to discuss their particular work situation and their individual language proficiency, before we enable those features in their V8 Transcriber software.

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