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Using TypeWell Services: Reader Guidelines

You will be receiving TypeWell services in one or more of your classes or meetings. A trained TypeWell transcriber will listen to what people say in the class or meeting. The transcriber will type the information for you to read from a computer screen. The transcript will show all the meaning of what people say, but the transcriber may use different words to express the speaker’s ideas. Thus, the transcript will not be word-for-word.

Here are some guidelines for making optimal use of TypeWell services.

  • Meet the transcriber before the first class or meeting, if possible.
  • Tell the transcriber how you prefer to communicate with the instructor and others in the class or meeting. Will you speak or sign for yourself? Will you type your questions and comments on the reader laptop for the transcriber to read aloud?
  • In the class or meeting, don’t watch the computer constantly. Look around at the instructor, the other people in the room, the board, etc. This will help you know the mood and emotional tone in the class. It will also prevent eye strain, and it will make the class or meeting more interesting.
  • Check the spelling of new vocabulary words in the transcript. The transcriber will attempt to spell all vocabulary correctly, but verifying the correct spelling is your responsibility.
  • Copy diagrams from the board or overheads. The transcriber usually cannot get this kind of information into the transcript. That information is your responsibility.
  • If you don’t understand something in class, ask the instructor to clarify it, not the transcriber. The transcriber is not allowed to explain class information to you.
  • Do not type non-school comments to the transcriber. He or she is there only to provide communication access to lectures and discussion for you.
  • Don't use or touch the computer equipment, unless the transcriber says you may.
  • If you receive copies of the transcripts after class, pick them up promptly.
  • Do not share the transcripts with anyone else without permission from the support services supervisor.
  • Talk to the support service supervisor or transcriber about any problems with the communication access in class, or with the transcripts. Don't let problems continue.

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