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Troubleshooting TypeWell Everywhere

I'm using the Everywhere feature integrated into my TypeWell Transcriber program, but sometimes Everywhere stops working altogether

Everywhere is enabled on a program-by-program basis.  You press Ctrl-Space to enable it in the active window, and Esc to disable it.

However, when you cannot get Everywhere to expand your abbreviations in any program, the quickest fix is to exit out of the TypeWell Transcriber program and then re-launch it.

FIRST, PLEASE NOTE: When you have "Everywhere in Windows" enabled in your TypeWell Transcriber program, then clicking the 'X' in the upper right corner of TW does not cause TW to close. It merely minimizes it so that Everywhere can continue running in the background.

File \> Exit and clicking the X in the upper right corner

When TW is minimized while Everywhere is running, you should see a blue TW icon in the system tray, like this:

Everywhere icon in system tray

The system tray icons should not be confused with the taskbar icons.

The system tray is over near the date/time.

system tray versus task bar

If you don't see the little blue TW icon in your system tray, it might be "hidden."  Click on the "up" caret to "Show hidden icons":

how to show hidden icons

Here are the hidden icons, once shown:

hidden icons shown

To exit the TypeWell program completely, you need to right-click on that TW system tray icon and select "Exit":

right-click and select Exit

Then, and only then, can you be sure that you've exited the TypeWell program completely.  When you re-launch TypeWell, your Everywhere feature should be working again (provided it's enabled by pressing Ctrl-Space).

Restarting TypeWell this way takes about 10 seconds.

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