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Can the TypeWell system help other students in addition to those with hearing difficulties?

The TypeWell Transcription system can potentially help any person who has difficulty achieving full access to communication and notes.

Students who have learning difficulties, including language or processing disorders, can often benefit from the in-class display because the information on the computer screen stays in view for a minute or more, allowing time for reading and processing information that otherwise might go by too quickly. Students with learning difficulties often have difficulty taking their own notes. The educational transcript produced by a TypeWell transcriber could be a learning boon for such students.

Students with visual impairments can view the information on the computer screen in a large font. The transcript can also be put through a Braille writer or text reader to make them accessible to such students.

Students with severe physical impairments cannot take their own notes. Many of these students could use and learn from the transcript produced by a TypeWell transcriber.

Students for whom English is not a first language can benefit from having access to the spoken vocabulary and grammar in written form.

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