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Steno Table & Roller Bag for On-Site Transcribers

Steno Table and Roller Bag

Employers may or may not provide this equipment for their employees. Regardless, we strongly recommend that TypeWell transcribers use a portable steno table during the Basic Skills Course and when working in the classroom. Look for the “sitting” model (CR1 or, if the candidate is tall, CR3) from insTand, sold on or Amazon.

Because an external mouse is not allowed during the training and is not recommended for classroom use, we do not recommend purchasing the "mouser tray" or the "swing-out" mouse shelf. These accessories are not necessary for the work of a classroom transcriber; they will just add extra bulk and may not fit in the transcriber's roller bag.

To safely transport the computer to and from on-site jobs, and to minimize muscle strain, we also recommend purchasing a padded roller bag, available at many office supply stores.

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