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Using V8 Connect with Case CATalyst

The following are user-submitted instructions for how to configure the Case CATalyst software to work (for captioning) with TypeWell's V8 Connect (for streaming text to an external reader). TypeWell does not develop or support the Case CATalyst  software; that software and its related products are developed by Stenograph LLC.

As such, these instructions may need to be updated if/when changes are made are made within the CATalyst software, menus, dialog boxes, etc. If you are a CATalyst user and you know of a change that should be made below, please email us so we can update this article.  Thank you for helping us help other users!

  • Click Translate and Edit
  • When Translate window comes up, click “options” button in lower left corner
  • Click output to CaseView
  • In the top left corner, under Caseview II Options, UNCHECK the box for output over comm port
  • Go down to Caseview II TCP/IP or internet connection, and enter the following values: for host,, and for port 6978.
  • Click apply or okay. You can save this translation setting so you don’t have to make these changes every time. Just click “save settings” and name it what you would like. It will save any dictionaries and translation settings for this particular job/output.
  • After clicking okay, it takes you box to the main translate box. Go to the output dropdown and choose "caseview" from the options. Even if your already clicked on "output to caseview" in the box shown in the screenshot, you have to select it again from the dropdown menu in the main translate box.
  • Open TypeWell's V8 Connect software and start writing.

Case CATalyst Translate Options

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