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What is is a web-based streaming text platform that enables real-time speech-to-text transcribers, captionists, voice writers, and CART/steno providers to display their "live" text output in a client's Web browser.

How does it work?

If you're a captionist — License the V8 Connect program by the month or year. Configure your real-time captioning software to output to the Connect program, installed locally on your computer:

Any text that you type, key, voice, or otherwise input into the Connect program is immediately transmitted to a unique webpage viewer.

Connect's simple user interface generates unique link (URL) for each job or client. Just send the client a link via email or chat. The client can open the webpage on any web-enabled device to view your real-time captions in a crisp, clean text format.

If you're a client or end-user — Your captionist will provide you with a unique link (URL), usually by email or instant messenger. Simply click the link to open it in the default browser on your iPad, tablet, smartphone, laptop, or any other Web-enabled device.

To type a question or comment back to the captionist, you can use the chat box at the top of the window. You also have full control over display options such as font size, color, and contrast.

How much does it cost?

TRY IT FOR FREE! Just email TypeWell Support for a trial V8 Connect license. (If someone referred you, please let us know so we can reward them.)

If the platform works for your needs, then license the Connect software by the month or year, and use the streaming text service as much as you wish. Your Connect license may be activated on one computer, and you can create unlimited channels for unlimited clients or jobs.

There are no per-minute charges. You can caption as many events as you want, for as many clients as you want.

Our email/phone tech support is fast, friendly, and free.

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