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How do I post or search for job opportunities?

The third-party job site we linked to for many years (postjobfree) has recently become less user-friendly and, therefore, used by fewer employers.

While many people are still visiting the postjobfree site, we instead encourage all employers and transcribers to visit the Association of Transcribers & Speech-to-text Providers (ATSP), which maintains an online Job Board specifically for speech-to-text services:

Click here for the ATSP Job Board

Employers posting job opportunities

When you interview a transcriber candidate, please request an official copy of their TypeWell training record. You should receive an email directly from TypeWell, confirming whether a candidate has passed the transcribing course and with what grade.

We also provide on-site and remote services if you would like to contract with TypeWell directly! Please contact us to request a price sheet, set up a free demo, or submit a service request today!

Before contracting with any company, agency, freelancer, or remote provider, interview them to make sure they're a good fit. See: Questions to ask when contracting with an outside TypeWell provider (freelance or agency, on-site or remote)

Transcribers seeking job opportunities

Always send a potential employer your TypeWell training record to show you are a qualified TypeWell transcriber. To do that, sign in to your TypeWell account, visit the History section, and enter the employer's email address. TypeWell will send an official copy of your report directly to that email address.

Transcribers often contract independently with businesses, schools, or agencies for freelance and post-production opportunities. We recommend the following sites:





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