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Who can benefit from TypeWell transcription services?

Most deaf and hard of hearing students in mainstream middle-school to graduate level classes benefit greatly from the communication access and notes provided by the TypeWell transcription system. Also, people in work settings, job training settings, and social or religious settings benefit from the immediate communication access available with TypeWell. Students and other readers should have reading skills at least at a 4th-grade level.

Individuals who know little or no sign language are particularly benefited by this textual form of access. Also, many people who use sign language, even strong ASL-users, often prefer to have transcription services for access in some classes and meetings because of the "frozen" nature of text, which allows rereading and review. Such readers often cite a desire for the permanent presentation of new vocabulary, and exposure to mainstream English, as reasons for preferring to have text-based access.

Other people can also benefit from speech-to-text services. Anyone who has difficulty following the communication during classes or meetings, or who has trouble taking notes for himself or herself is a potential user. Thus, individuals who have visual problems, learning difficulties, or are physically challenged are good candidates for TypeWell services. For visually impaired students, the font on the computer display can be greatly enlarged, or the text sent to a refreshable Braille-writer. Notes for study can be produced in Braille (using appropriate software available separately).

Students in 5th or 6th grade and above typically have the note-use skills, or are developing these skills, to make full use of both aspects of the system: the communication access during class, and the transcript after class. Students younger than this, with the appropriate reading level, typically benefit from the communication access more than from the notes.

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