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Virtual Meeting Platforms

Joe Zelazny Mar 30, 2017 10:26AM MST

Does Zoom.us and or Bluejeans.com provide linking with TypeWell Transcriber?

If not, is the integrated version of Everywhere useable with these? We are seeking an expert transcriptionist opinion on which one to suggest for faculty use.


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Kate Ervin Mar 30, 2017 12:38PM MST TYPEWELL Agent

Hi Joe,

Below is the response that one of our clients (also from your institution) received from Zoom.us and forwarded to us. This response from Zoom was dated January 5, 2017:

I asked around our office and unfortunately at this time we don’t have any supported closed-captioning systems aside from having a fellow user type out responses. I know we have several request in to include a speech-to-text feature in zoom, but nothing as of this time has been created. Should we implement on, it should show up here: http://blog.zoom.us for new product and feature announcements.


Zoom Support Agent

As for BlueJeans.com, a quick search on their site for “accessibility” resulted in this article, which does mention “hearing impairment” but doesn’t talk about real-time speech-to-text support:

Accessibility Features: https://support.bluejeans.com/knowledge/accessibility-features

I’ll forward your message to our users’ Google Groups as well, and ask them to reply to your question here if they have anything else to contribute.


Kate Ervin

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Michael Ford Mar 31, 2017 11:38AM MST
I used Zoom for an online class. They have what they call a "captioning window" that you can turn on, but it's not integrated in any way with Typewell. It's really just a little chat window.

At first I tried it with Everywhere, but that had two problems. One, the Everywhere abbreviations are out of date for anyone used to Turbo, the Math function, etc. Two, the chat window only allows two lines of text before you have to hit Enter to clear out the text and begin typing again. A serious hindrance, especially since it always occurs somewhere in the middle of a sentence. Between those two problems, it was basically unusable.

I then used Typewell Web Link in Version 7, which worked great. At the student's end, it's completely in its own window, so the student can resize and move it around to suit them. At the transcriber's end, you put the Zoom and the Typewell windows side-by-side, and you have all the Typewell functions you're used to. The only problem was when the instructor went to full screen for a PowerPoint demonstration, Typewell went behind it and I had to frantically minimize Zoom to get it back.

I have no experience with Bluejeans, but I suspect Web Link would work just as well because it's completely separate from any conference software. Hope this helps.

Michael Ford
Typewell Captionist
National Center on Deafness
California State University, Northridge
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Darla Sautter Apr 05, 2017 09:48AM MST
Similar to Michael, I used Zoom for a class/meeting once. It was awhile back and I didn't recall the details until I read his description. As I recall, I *did* keep going in the class using Everywhere and the two line limitation. What a pain! But Zoom is what the agency asked me to use, and they normally use Web Linking, so I stuck with it. In the future, I would try to gain permission ahead of time to use TypeWell Web Linking as described.

Darla Sautter
TypeWell transcriber since 2009
Ellensburg, WA

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