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Use batch files to switch IP addresses automatically (for Windows 7/Vista and Windows 8/10)

Last Updated: Jan 26, 2016 12:12PM MST

Thanks to our colleagues at Intellitext LLC for contributing the following instructions and script files. This was originally a blog post, but we decided to add it to the TypeWell Support Center because it's so useful!

Download the batch files here (ZIP).

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Why use these batch files?

The batch files below were created to help TypeWell transcribers who use Peer-to-Peer linking. The TypeWell Peer-to-Peer linking method (also known as "ad hoc" or "IP" linking) works with V7 and all earlier versions of TypeWell. This linking method has two parts: 1) using a computer-to-computer WiFi connection; and 2) entering special IP addresses when configuring the Wireless Network Connection Properties.

To use Peer-to-Peer WiFi linking, both of the computers' wireless connections must be set up exactly as described in the detailed wireless configuration instructions online: for Windows 8 and 10, for Windows XP, for Windows 7 and Vista or on an Apple Mac with Parallels. This wireless configuration is usually best done by a person with some technical expertise.

The Peer-to-Peer settings for wireless "take over" the computers' wireless cards (also known as "wireless adapters"). While the computer is configured for TypeWell Peer-to-Peer WiFi linking, you won't be able to use the wireless adapters to connect to other computers, and even if your site provides wireless access to the Internet, you won't be able to access the Internet from that TypeWell computer.

In order to use the Internet when you're not using TypeWell, you have to un-configure the Peer-to-Peer settings. That's why these batch files were developed: If you're using Windows 7/Vista or Windows 8/10, you can follow the instructions below to quickly switch between a static IP (used for TypeWell) and a dynamic IP (used for connecting to the Internet).

Download the batch files here (ZIP).

quotation mark​When I transcribe, I use my personal laptop. This means every time I want to use my computer for TypeWell transcription, I must switch from a dynamic IP (shown in network settings as “obtain an IP automatically”) to a static IP (choose your own IP, e.g.

When I finish class and want to email the student their transcript, I must switch back from my static IP to a dynamic IP.

Wireless Network Connection Properties dialog, with IPv4 option highlighted

Going through the network settings and manually changing IP settings is time consuming, so I created some small scripts that switch the IP settings automatically.

This saves me time when I am setting up to transcribe in the classroom and when I get home and want to use my computer for non-TypeWell purposes.

Download the files here (ZIP).

Extract and save the right files for your operating system(s)

Click on the downloaded ZIP file to view the files in Windows Explorer.

downloaded ZIP file in browser

The files are labeled according to operating system (Windows 7 and Windows 8). Pick whichever set of files is appropriate for your system. The Windows 7 files also work on Windows Vista.

Click Extract all files and choose a destination folder to store the files.

extract all files

Then keep the files that correspond to your operating system (e.g. Windows 7 or Windows 8) and delete the rest, to avoid confusion later on.

Test the batch files on your Windows 7 computer

To use TypeWell peer-to-peer linking, you likely already created an ad hoc network on your laptop. (If you're not yet familiar with setting up your ad hoc network for peer-to-peer linking, see steps 6-10 in the detailed instructions for Peer-to-peer WiFi Configuration for Windows 7/Vista or Windows 8 and 10.)

It’s possible that the batch files will work as-is, to automatically switch your IP addresses for TypeWell linking!

To test this on your Windows 7 [or 8/10] computer, right click on the named Windows 7 [or 8/10] Transcriber TypeWell.bat, and click Run as Administrator.

run as adminisrator

If you are prompted with a security warning, click Run.

A black command prompt window should pop up briefly to automatically execute the commands and change the IP settings.

Now find your Wireless Network Connection Properties window, then click
Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties (see step 12 of the Windows 7 peer-to-peer linking instructions if you're not already familiar with this step).

Check to see whether the IP addresses have been set for TypeWell peer-to-peer linking, as shown here:

radio button for specific IP selected, forward by IP address and subnet entry

Next, right click on the .bat file for your operating system called Windows 7 Transcriber Internet.bat, and click Run as Administrator.

Run internet file as administrator

If you are prompted with a security warning, click Run.

After the black command prompt windows flashes by, look again at the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties.

Check whether it's been set back to "Obtain IP addresses automatically":

obtain IP addresses automatically

If so, then the batch files are already configured correctly for your Windows 7 [or 8] computer!

Configure the batch files for your system, if needed

If you find that the batch files did not automatically switch the IP address settings as shown above, then you’ll have to make a few minor changes in the files. You will only need to do this once, and I will walk you through every step.

You must make some minor edits to the files so that they work with your particular network card.  First, right click on the file “Windows 7 [or 8] Reader Internet.bat” and click Edit.

right click on Reader Internet

If you are prompted with a security warning, click Run.

Under ":: Configuration Variables ::", you will need to replace "Wireless Network Connection" with the name of your computer’s wireless connection. Leave the quotation marks there.

replace this text

To find the name of your computer's wireless network connection in Windows 7 or Vista, go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings (on the left side).

screenshot of Network and Sharing center with Change Adopter Settings option highlighted

In the list of network connections, see if a wireless network connection is listed.

wireless network connection name

Find the icon that says "Wi-Fi", "Wireless Network Connection", or something similar. Whatever that connection name is (in this example "Wireless Network Connection", copy it down or remember it.

In the .bat file that you're editing from the step above, type that connection name in place of "Wireless Network Connection" under ":: Configuration Variables ::" section. The name must be spelled exactly how it is in your network connections for the script to work. Remember to keep the quotation marks!

your wireless connection name

Save the "Windows 7 [or 8/10] Reader Internet.bat" file with changes you made.

Now repeat the steps above for the files "Windows 7 [or 8/10] Reader TypeWell.bat", "Windows 7 [or 8/10] Transcriber Internet.bat" and "Windows 7 [or 8/10] Transcriber TypeWell.bat".

Remember that your transcriber and reader computers may have different names for their wireless network connection. You must make sure the files used on each computer are configured for their respective wireless network connections.

Save the batch files on the corresponding laptops

Transfer the .bat files that correspond to each computer to a location that is easy to remember and find on that computer.

Save the Reader files on the reader laptop.
Save the Transcriber files on the transcriber laptop.

In the example below, the two .bat files for the Windows 7 Reader computer (one for Internet, one for TypeWell linking) are saved right on the Windows desktop:

windows 7 batch files on desktop

Run the batch files each time you need to switch IP address settings

To run the files from this point forward, you need to right click on the desired file and select Run as Administrator. You will not have to go through the previous steps again.

windows 7 internet

Internet bat file highlighted to switch to IP address for internet

The black command prompt window will pop up to automatically execute the commands and change the IP settings. Running scripts like these does require administrator privileges on the computer. If you are not sure about how administrator privileges are handled, talk to your Systems Administrator.

If you link to more than one reader computer at a time, the files named “Windows 7 [or 8/10] Reader 2 TypeWell”, “Windows 7 [or 8/10] Reader 3 TypeWell”, etc. are set to change the computer’s IPs to and, respectively.

If you have questions or specific inquiries about these files, contact +Randi Hecht (owner of Intellitext) at randihecht@intellitext-nv.com. We are constantly looking for ways to further improve our field and we’d love to hear your suggestions or comments! 

You can visit our website, intellitext.co, “Like” us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter .

quotation mark-- +Ariel Castro Las Vegas Branch Manager, Intellitext LLC

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