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Managing software licenses

Last Updated: Jul 19, 2018 12:03PM MST

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   Installing a Software Update
   Replacing Course Software with Transcriber Software
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TypeWell transcribing software can be used only by individuals who have successfully completed our TypeWell transcribing course. The purchase of a TypeWell software license conveys the right for a transcriber who has graduated from the TypeWell transcribing course to use a particular version of TypeWell (see the license agreement for conditions). The copy of the software that goes with that license may be installed on only one computer at a time.

Important: We don't allow just anyone to transcribe using TypeWell! We are adamant that consumers be able to count on a high level of quality from TypeWell services. One way we maintain this quality is by allowing only those who pass the TypeWell transcribing course to use the Transcriber software. We will revoke the licenses of those who have non-graduates of the TypeWell transcribing course use TypeWell Transcriber software.

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Your Account

Sign in to TypeWell to access your account. Contact us if you don't have a TypeWell account yet.

Access to this account is password protected. We provide the password only to your official email address. Once you receive your account password from us, please keep it in a safe, convenient location. You will need access to your TypeWell account whenever you need to manage your TypeWell software licenses, e.g. transferring a license to a new computer, reinstalling a license after a major repair to the original computer, etc.

You can keep the password secret, or you can share it with another person whom you direct to manage your TypeWell account. For security purposes, the password, and any changes you make to it, will be sent only to your official email address.

Your account lists all the licenses you've purchased and the status of each license.

License Keys

For each software license in your account, you can add a computer/transcriber description. We recommend using the tag number for the computer on which the license is installed, as well as the name of the primary transcriber who will be using it.

License keys are used to track when and where the software license is activated, to ensure the license is only used on one computer at a time.

When you install TypeWell software, you will be prompted for a license key. You can get a license key signing into your account and clicking the "Use License" button next to the license you're attempting to install/activate. Once you activate the software on your computer, that installation is then "locked" to that license in your account.

Note that the license type (e.g. Transcriber, Reader, Basic, Premium) must match whichever software you are installing on your computer. If you want to install the Transcriber software, be sure to get the license key for it from a Transcriber license in your account. If you use a different kind of license from your account to get the key, the software will not function or will have the wrong features.

A license should not be activated on multiple computers. You are permitted to transfer each license from one computer to another up to twice a year. This transfer feature allows you to temporarily move a license to a new computer when the main computer is undergoing repair. So, you need to plan carefully and decide on which computer you really want a specific license (such as a Transcriber or Reader license) before you activate the license.

Refreshing License Keys

The license key that activates a copy of TypeWell must be refreshed at our web site from time to time. The software will display a message like this:

license key refresh reminder

There's no charge to refresh the license key as long as that license is in good standing; it's a free quality assurance feature. The TypeWell software will inform the transcriber every 2-6 months when it's time to refresh the license key. The refreshment period is automatically specified by the system and cannot be reset. The refreshment period is relatively short after the first installation, and steadily increases to its normal 6-month length.

Note that a license key may need to be refreshed even if the subscription is paid through a future date. For example, while you may have purchased a license subscription through the end of next year, you'll still be prompted to refresh the license key before then, every 2-6 months.

The best person to handle refreshing a license is the transcriber. Refreshing the license key is easy and usually does not require passwords nor administrator access, so there's no need to involve others. All that's required is access to the TypeWell computer and to the Internet. The computer running the TypeWell software does not need to have Internet access, as long as there's a different Internet-connected computer available.

Renewing or Extending a License Subscription (i.e., "adding months" to a license)

Sign in to TypeWell to access your account. Then click Software Licenses to view a list of your existing licenses.

Online Account screenshot with Software License tab highlighted

To extend the subscription (add months) for one or more licenses, click the Add or Upgrade Licenses button.

Add or upgrade licenses button

Use the drop-down menus to select the desired length of time for each license. Note that once you select "Add months at...", there is a secondary drop-down menu to specify the number of months you wish to purchase.

drop-down menus to select how many months to add

If you see an error message or a "contact us" pop-up box, that means that we need additional information before you can add or upgrade a license. Just let us know what you are trying to add/upgrade and we will assist you promptly!

Click Purchase to complete the transaction using PayPal account or a major credit card.

Purchase button

A confirmation email will be sent to the account manager and the purchaser with the subject line, "TypeWell Software Order Confirmation."

Need an estimate or official invoice? Just contact us!

Transferring a License From One Computer to Another

You may find that you need to transfer your TypeWell software onto a different computer than the original computer. For instance, this may be necessary when the original computer breaks and must be repaired.

To transfer the TypeWell license from an old laptop to a new one, follow the instructions below for installing TypeWell software onto the new computer. In step 2, be sure to choose the license that is currently installed on the old laptop. When you have the software working on the new computer, then follow the instructions further down to uninstall TypeWell from the old computer. If you are sending the old computer for service and will want to switch the license back in a few weeks, then you can skip the uninstall step to save time.

Remember, your TypeWell license permits only two license transfers per license per year.

Installing TypeWell onto a New Computer

The following steps apply to non-training TypeWell programs, such as TypeWell Transcriber, Everywhere, and Connect. If you're trying to install course software for the Basic Skills Course, Turbo Courselet, etc., this is done through the trainee's user account (or, you can contact us directly for assistance with training programs).​

PLEASE NOTE: TypeWell software is not available to the general public; therefore, you need to sign into the appropriate user account to download our software. 

  1. Use the Sign In link to access your account. If you don't remember your password, use the "forgot password?" link to have a password reminder emailed to your official email address.

  2. Once you are signed in, click the Software licenses link at the top of the page.

    Main page in TypeWell account

    You'll see a list of the licenses you've purchased.

  3. Click the Use License button for the license you wish to use. It must be a license that matches the program you want to install (e.g. Transcriber, Reader, Everywhere).

    Licenses page

    If you are transferring a license from an old computer to a new one, be sure to select the exact license that is currently installed on the old computer, so that you can transfer it to the new computer in the following steps.

  4. You'll see the Manage License page for the specific license you chose in the previous step. This page provides you with a link to download the appropriate version of the TypeWell software to go with that particular license.

    screenshot of Manage License page
    Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the software.

  5. During the software installation, an an installation number will be displayed. Enter the installation number into the space provided on the Manage License page, and then click Get License Key as indicated.

    screenshots of license activation steps

    This installation number may be different every time TypeWell software is installed, even on the same computer. So it's best to have the target laptop sitting right next to you while you're accessing the web site so you can get the exact value currently being displayed on the target laptop.

  6. The web site will now display a license key. This license key will work only with that particular installation of TypeWell software, on that particular target computer.

    screenshot of new license key

    Enter the new license key from the web page into the license activation window in the TypeWell program. Now TypeWell will finish installing. Note there's no need to write down and save the license key; it'll be different next time, and it's not reusable.

The TypeWell program you just installed should now be open on the computer. See the Refresh License Key section above for details about refreshing the license key (at no charge) when needed.

Installing a Software Update

We occasionally release software updates with new features, new words in the dictionary, bug fixes, etc. To prevent intrusive background downloads or pop-up messages during classes or meetings, the TypeWell software does not update itself automatically. Users need to manually download and install updates outside of the classroom, or whenever it's convenient.

To see if your TypeWell software is up-to-date, click Help > Check for Updates. (Your TypeWell computer needs to be connected to the Internet for this to work.)

screenshot of V7 Help menu

If the software detects that a newer revision is available, you'll be prompted to visit the update page so you can download and install the software update.

message box indicating an update is available

For a detailed step-by-step explanation, read how to Check for software updates in V7.

You can also click Help > About... to see which revision number is currently installed:

TypeWell Help Menu with "About TypeWell Premium Transcriber V7" option highlighted

About option reveals dialog with software and revision information, with revision info highlighted

Then compare that to the highest revision number shown on our Software Revisions page.

Important: Once you have downloaded a software update, you need to install the downloaded file for the changes to take effect. Just follow the same process shown above for Installing TypeWell onto a New Computer. You may need to close and reopen the TypeWell program once more (after installing the update) for new software features or menu items to appear.

Replacing TypeWell Course software With TypeWell Transcriber software

The Transcriber version of the TypeWell software is completely separate from the Course version. If you've completed the course, have purchased a Transcriber license, and would now like to install it, do these steps:

  1. Follow the directions above, Installing TypeWell onto a New Computer.

  2. Uninstall the old Course version of TypeWell (which will release a lot of disk space for other uses), by doing these steps:

  • Go to the Windows Control Panel.

  • Open the icon labeled Add or Remove Programs.

  • Wait for it to show the list of installed programs.

  • Click on "TypeWell Course" (or TypeWell Training if you have the older version) in this list. Do NOT choose any other form of TypeWell listed -- be sure to choose "TypeWell Course" or "TypeWell Training".

  • Click Change/Remove and proceed to uninstall the TypeWell Course software.


Re-installing TypeWell on a Repaired Computer

If you uninstalled TypeWell before sending the computer for repair, or if the repair erased the copy of TypeWell, just do a new install by following the directions given above in Installing TypeWell onto a New Computer.

If you still have a copy of TypeWell on the repaired computer, you don't need to re-install it. You just need to transfer the license back to it.

To transfer the license back, follow the same directions given above in Installing TypeWell onto a New Computer. Note that the installation number of the computer may have changed, so it's best to have the repaired laptop right there beside you while following the steps at the web site.

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