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Enable or Disable a PAL tab

Last Updated: Apr 28, 2017 11:39AM MST
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A PAL profile in TypeWell Transcriber specifies the order of the tabs in the MultiPAL (if there is more than one tab), as well as whether each tab is enabled or disabled.

When a PAL is disabled, the tab and all of the abbreviations appear greyed out, and those abbreviations will not expand in TypeWell.

Right-click on the PAL tab (i.e. the title area) to enable or disable

To see menu options for each PAL or list within the MultiPAL, right-click on the tab title:

screenshot: right-click on PAL tab

Select the menu option to enable or disable that PAL tab:

screenshot: right-click menu for PAL tab


Introduction to MultiPAL in V7 Transcriber

Watch this short video orientation to the basic MultiPAL features in TypeWell's V7 Transcriber software. (This video does not contain audio.)


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