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Error message: TypeWell Everywhere is already running

Last Updated: Aug 25, 2016 12:04PM MST

If you receive one of the following error messages when starting up your computer, installing TypeWell Everywhere, or enabling the 'Everywhere in Windows' feature within V7 Transcriber, it means you already have Everywhere running on your computer.  

TypeWell error dialog with the message "The 'Everywhere' feature is turned off because another program is already running that provides this."

TypeWell error dialog with the message, "A TypeWell Everywhere V7-like program is already running (mutex already exists), so can't start TypeWell Everywhere V7"

Only one instance of TypeWell Everywhere (including the built-in Everywhere feature in V7 Transcriber) can run at a time.

To exit TypeWell Everywhere (standalone version):

Find the TW icon in your system tray:

Screenshot of Windows 7 desktop with icons in system tray. The TW icon indicates that Everywhere is running in the background, even if Everywhere is disabled.

Screenshot of TW icon in system tray with red slash through it, indicating that Everywhere is running but abbreviations are disabled

If you don't see the TW icon, click the "Show hidden icons" button to reveal additional system tray icons.

Screenshot of the "show hidden icons" button in the Windows 7 system tray

Right-click on the TW icon to open the option menu, and select Exit to shut down the Everywhere program.

Screenshot of TypeWell Everywhere right-click menu with the option to Exit

Once you have exited the Everywhere standalone program, you can then enable the 'Everywhere in Windows' feature in V7 Transcriber.  See: How to use the TypeWell Everywhere features integrated into V7 Transcriber


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