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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2017 04:16PM MST
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Web Linking
Internal Linking
StreamText Linking (improved!)
Skype Linking (may someday be discontinued by Microsoft -- read more)
Simple Serial Linking
Pocket Linking

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Basic linking methods

The Premium version of the TypeWell Transcriber software offers the most flexibility for linking a transcriber to a reader. Premium offers two main advantages. First, several of the Premium linking methods will work with alternative reader devices, such as iPads, Kindles, smartphones or other mobile devices.

Second, many of the Premium linking methods allow remote operation of TypeWell. When used in conjunction with Skype or a cell phone to transmit audio from the classroom to the transcriber, remote linking permits a transcriber to work from a distant location.

Web Linking

QR code Click here to view a demo of Web Linking in your browser, or scan the QR code to launch the demo on your smartphone or mobile device.

This linking method is available in TypeWell Version 6 and higher and is very versatile: it works over the Internet, and the transcript can be viewed on almost any type of reader device, including smartphones, iPads, and other Web-enabled devices. No installation of software is needed for the reader. All the reader needs is a standard Web browser to view the transcript.

The transcriber needs a reliable Internet connection in order for Web Linking to work. The transcriber's typing is sent to the TypeWell server, where it can then be viewed as a Web page (the "TypeWell Web Reader" window) in the reader's Web browser. Web Linking also supports team transcribing.

Web Linking is currently available at no cost with a Premium Transcriber V7 license. It is also available to Premium Transcriber V6 license holders who purchase the Web Linking add-on for V6. This yearly add-on subscription supports our Web Linking server costs.

When teaming with two or more transcribers, text from each transcriber is parsed into its own paragraph in the Web Reader window, so the text doesn't get mixed up. To use this functionality, install the newest update of the Premium Transcriber software on each transcriber's computer. Then follow the teaming instructions shown in the Web Linking dialog box. If you have any questions about teaming with Web Linking, please contact us.

See How to Use Web Linking for step-by-step instructions.

diagram of Web Linking and Internal Linking

Internal Linking

Internal Linking allows the transcriber to link with any web-browser-capable device that's physically near you. It's like Web Linking in that it doesn't need Reader software, and works with almost any device. But unlike Web Linking, Internal Linking doesn't require use of the Internet.

Internal Linking works only on some Win 7, 8 and 10 machines, not on Macs, and requires a certain kind of WiFi card. To use the Internal Linking feature, you must first install a special administrator program onto your transcriber computer. This special program is called TypeWell Internal Server and it's separate from the other TypeWell software.

See the "Internal Server Installation" article for specific instructions, once you are ready to install this program.

StreamText Linking (available in rev. 747 and higher)

StreamText.Net is a third party service that can display streaming text over the internet in a Web browser and some specialized reader devices and online learning platforms (e.g. Adobe Connect). 

Premium TypeWell (revision 747 and higher) has a linking option to use the StreamText.Net Connector program — a separate program installed on the TypeWell transcriber's computer — to transmit the transcriber's typing to the StreamText.Net servers.


  • The StreamText.Net account admin should select the TypeWell - StreamText Linking option when scheduling the event.
  • The transcriber should select by StreamText from the Link menu in the Premium Transcriber program.
  • There is a separate per-minute charge by StreamText to use their service. (To avoid a per-minute charge use TypeWell's Web Linking instead, which is included free with a Premium subscription.)

For StreamText linking to work, both the transcriber and the reader must have a reliable Internet connection.

Skype Linking

Skype linking uses the free Skype product to transmit the transcriber's typing to the reader computer. The Transcriber must be using TypeWell Premium Transcriber, and the reader must be using TypeWell Premium Reader.

The advantage of Skype linking is that the link uses the same product (Skype) that is used to transmit audio from the classroom to the transcriber. As with Web Linking, both the transcriber and the reader(s) must have reliable Internet access in order for Skype linking to work.

NOTE: Due to Skype's decision to discontinue support for its Desktop API, this method of linking may cease to work with TypeWell in 2014. See our blog post for more information.

Simple Serial Linking

Simple Serial linking is for connecting to special hardware or software that's not specifically designed to link to TypeWell, but is designed to use the serial device to link. It uses a simplified way of transmitting the transcriber's keystrokes over a serial connection, using no special codes for bolding, superscripts, and the like. This works well on devices like LED displays.

Because of this simpler protocol, it's best for the transcriber to limit editing earlier in the text, when using Simple Serial linking. Each time a character is changed earlier in the text, Simple Serial sends backspaces to erase all the intervening text, fix the changed character, and then re-transmits all the intervening text to fill it in again. The further back in the text the change is made, the more intervening text is erased and restored, and the more visible the flicker and the higher the transmission bandwidth. That's why it's best not to make changes far back in the text when using Simple Serial linking.

NOTE: StreamText users may wish to discontinue using Simple Serial linking, and instead use StreamText Linking which supports the full range of TypeWell text features such as Math Mode and bold/italic text formatting.

Pocket Linking

Pocket linking uses special free TypeWell Reader software that runs on Windows Mobile PDAs. It requires a specially-configured wireless link and does not work over the Internet. Unlike Web Linking, Pocket linking works on supported handhelds without requiring an Internet connection, and at no extra cost.

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