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How to install the Open Sans font on your computer

Last Updated: Mar 05, 2015 12:39PM MST

For many years, the TypeWell software used Comic Sans as its default font. With TypeWell V7, the default font was changed to Open Sans. This is a newer sans sarif font that many transcribers (and readers) find preferable to Comic Sans.

Open Sans is not included in the typefaces that are shipped with Microsoft Windows. The font will register on the computer while TypeWell is running, but then unregister when TypeWell closes. This means that when a transcriber types a transcript in TypeWell in Open Sans and saves it in TypeWell's default RTF format, if the transcriber later opens the file in MS Word, that program will open the file in a different font (unless the user has installed the Open Sans font on that computer).

To use the Open Sans font in Microsoft Word and other programs, the user must install the font on the computer. The user must have administrator rights on the computer in order to install a new font.

You can visit the Open Sans website to download the font for free.

You can also find the font files by navigating to navigate to C:\TypeWell Programs\Transcriber. In that folder there are 4 font files for Open Sans:

screenshot of program folder containing open sans TTF files

Double-click to open one of these font files, and then and click the Install button.

screenshot of open sans OpenType font preview

Once installed, you'll see Open Sans listed as an available font in other programs, such as MS Word.

open sans font listed in Microsoft Word font chooser menu

TypeWell transcripts that are typed and saved in the Open Sans font will now open up in MS Word with the same font.
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