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Check for software updates in V6

Last Updated: Jun 29, 2015 03:49PM MST

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This article explains how to download and install the latest software update for TypeWell Version 6. If you are interested in upgrading from Version 6 to Version 7, click here.

If you use V6 Everywhere, V6 Transcriber, or V6 Reader, please make sure that you've installed the latest software update in order for the license to continue working.

To use the "Check for Update" feature built into the software, your TypeWell computer needs to be connected to the Internet access so the TypeWell application can communicate with the server online. (You do not necessarily need to be signed into your online account.)

While your computer is online, open the TypeWell program and click Check for Update under the Help menu:

screenshot of Help menu with check for update highlighted

NOTE: If you don't see this item in your Help menu, then you definitely don't have the latest update! Please sign in to your TypeWell account, go to the Software Licenses section, click the "Use License" button for whichever program you're trying to update, and follow the on-screen instructions to download the newer revision.

When you click Check for Update, the TypeWell program on your computer will check for the current revision available on our website. If you already have the newest update, you'll see a confirmation message. If not, then you'll be prompted to visit the update page for your particular TypeWell program. (Each TypeWell program — e.g. Everywhere, Transcriber, Reader, etc. — has its own release schedule and update page.)

message box showing that a newer revision is available

Click Yes, then follow the instructions on the update page to download and install your software update. That's all there is to it!

When you update TypeWell this way, your PAL and your linking configurations (if applicable) will not be disturbed. And in most cases, you won't even be prompted to refresh your license key

If you have multiple TypeWell programs installed on one computer, use the Check for Update feature in each different program.

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