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Which version of the Transcriber software do I need?

Last Updated: May 19, 2015 05:20PM MST

This article is about the differences between Basic and Premium versions of the Version 7 TypeWell Transcriber program. For information about V6 or earlier releases of the TypeWell software, see "Still using Version 6 (or earlier)?"

The software version you use (Basic or Premium) will depend on the type of linking you need. The linking depends on the specific location/setting and the type of reader device you use.

NOTE: The TypeWell Transcriber software is only licensed for use by qualified transcribers (i.e. individuals who have successfully completed the Basic Skills Course or Refresher Course). This software program is not licensed to the general public. To license any version of the TypeWell Transcriber software, you must be either 1) a qualified transcriber, or 2) the employer of a qualified transcriber.

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The primary difference between the Basic and Premium versions of the V7 TypeWell Transcriber software is the variety of linking methods they support. "Linking" refers to how the typed text is transmitted from the transcriber's computer to the reader's computer or mobile device.

Basic linking — such as peer-to-peer linking — is appropriate for on-site transcribing. The transcriber and reader must be in the same room, and each must use a laptop running Windows.

Premium linking — such as Web Linking or Internal Linking — offers greater flexibility and is appropriate for both on-site and remote transcribing. A key difference is that Premium linking allows the reader to use any computer, tablet, or mobile device as long as it has a Web browser. The transcriber can be in the same room as the reader or work from a remote location.

To determine which type of linking is appropriate for your particular situation, consider the following:

  • Will the transcriber be located on-site or off-site?

    • QR code​​Read an overview of on-site vs. off-site technology.

    • If the transcriber is off-site ("remote"), then Premium linking is required. The reader can view the transcript in a Web browser. Click here to view a demo of Web Linking in your browser, or scan the QR code to launch the demo on your smartphone or mobile device.
    • If the transcriber is on-site, then Basic linking will allow the reader to view the transcript on a Windows laptop.

  • Will the reader prefer to use a smaller mobile device instead of a Windows laptop?

    • For the reader to view the transcript on an iPad, Kindle, or smartphone (i.e. any mobile device that does not run the full version of Windows), Premium linking is required.

Feeling overwhelmed? We're here to help!

To discuss the technology considerations for your organization, please contact us. We'll be happy to help you understand the options and select the appropriate version.

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