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Finding your installation number

Last Updated: Oct 18, 2013 08:51PM MST
Sample installation number: 66KP-3WK8-QY7K-8Q87-710D

The installation number identifies a copy of TypeWell installed on your computer. It is different than the license key, which is a password that activates the TypeWell software. You tell us the installation number shown on your laptop, then we give you the license key to unlock the software.

The TypeWell installation number is displayed automatically by the TypeWell program when your old license key needs to be refreshed. Most TypeWell license purchases are unlimited in length, so there's no charge to do this. The license key message box shown by your TypeWell program tells how many days the program will continue to work, and has a space where you type in your new license key.

The installation number is displayed prominently in the message box. It might be named the verification number or machine ID in older versions of TypeWell. Whatever it is called, it always looks something like the sample shown above.

This message box comes up automatically the last couple of weeks before your license key needs to be refreshed. There's no need to see the message box at other times, but if you'd like to, you can bring it up using the appropriate menu entry: File/Update License Key. On older versions of the TypeWell program it may be under the License, Options or Help menu. A very old version might not have this feature, in which case you'll just have to wait until the message box comes up automatically.

Each time the TypeWell program is installed, even on the same computer moments later, it uses a different installation number. The best way to make sure you're using the right installation number is to leave the Update License Key box open in your TypeWell program while you get the license key.

When you type in the installation number on the refresh page, it doesn't matter whether you use upper or lowercase letters. But it is important that you include all the dashes in the right places, and that you don't type any spaces as part of the installation number.

The installation number used to be known as the verification number, in older versions of TypeWell.

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