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Still using Version 6 (or earlier)?

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2015 04:01PM MST

Support for TypeWell Version 6 will be phased out at the end of 2014. Upgrade to Version 7.

As of June 2013, TypeWell Version 5 and earlier versions are no longer supported. This means TypeWell no longer provides automatic fixes, updates, or technical support for these products.  

Version 6 license holders will still receive online technical support through the end of 2014, provided they have downloaded and installed the latest updates for V6 TranscriberV6 Reader, and V6 Everywhere.

Can I still use my existing TypeWell license even if it's not V7?

Yes, if you have an older version of a TypeWell program and still meet the requirements of our end-user license agreement, you may continue to use that program.  

However, every software product has a lifecycle. We will continue to provide technical support for V6 license users through the end of 2014, provided they have download and install the latest stable release of their V6 product. However, due to changes in recent Windows operating systems (Vista, Windows 7, 8, and 10), we can no longer provide technical support for TypeWell V5 and earlier versions.  

We'd love for all our customers to upgrade to V7 and enjoy the newest features and dictionary updates. That's why we offer a discount to upgrade your existing licenses. If you already invested in a TypeWell software license, you can apply that residual value toward a V7 license. Sign into your online account to see what discounts apply to your existing licenses.  

Ordering Web Linking for V6 Premium

QR code​​Click here to view a demo of Web Linking in your browser, or scan the QR code to launch the demo on your smartphone or mobile device.

There is a charge to use Web Linking with a V6 Premium license. Existing V6 Premium users: sign in to purchase the Web Linking add-on subscription.

Or, upgrade your Premium license to Version 7 to continue using FREE Web Linking, plus Internal Linking, MultiPAL and regular new features and updates.

To upgrade an existing TypeWell license to V7, please sign in and click "Software Licenses," then use the Upgrades button to view available options and discounts. 

What will it cost to upgrade my licenses to Version 7?

Version 7 of the TypeWell software is licensed on a subscription basis.  ou can upgrade to V7 for free for the first 1-2 months (depending on whether you order the Basic or Premium version). For more information, please read our Pricing FAQ.

If you manage multiple licenses and need help with pricing — or if you need a quote to present to your institution — please email us.


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