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Basic Skills Course FAQ

Last Updated: Oct 22, 2015 08:24AM MST

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​How much does the TypeWell training course cost?

The current prices for all of our courses are listed on the pricing page. The registration fee for the Basic Skills and Refresher Courses include the interactive course software, free tech support, and regular guidance and feedback from a team of experienced teachers.

The Basic Skills Course Course tuition must be paid by a current or potential employer, known as a "sponsor." In the educational setting, TypeWell candidates are usually sponsored by a Disability Support department at a school or university. Candidates may also be sponsored by agencies, which in turn contract with schools, businesses, and organizations to provide communication access for their students, employees, and other clients.

Former transcribers who are completing the Refresher Course to renew their service qualification may pay their own way, and are not required to have a sponsor.

When does the course start?

Once a candidate is admitted to the course, he or she can choose one of the available start dates. We start new candidates almost every week of the year! See upcoming course start dates.

How long does the training take?

Both the Basic Skills Course and Refresher Courses consist of 29 lessons. The Basic Skills Course takes most candidates between 35 and 60 hours to complete, over the span of 2-3 months. The Refresher Course is usually completed more quickly, because it allows experienced transcribers to skip through material they already know and focus on refreshing the skills that need work.  

Read more about the course schedule.

What happens after the course?

It is critical for a new transcriber to begin using his or her skills as soon after the course as possible. Ideally, a supervisor will arrange for the new transcriber to "shadow" a more experienced transcriber for a couple of weeks, before providing direct services for a real client. Many new transcribers, however, do immediately begin providing services in classes or meetings.

Upon earning his or her service qualification, a new transcriber is only permitted to provide services on site (i.e., the transcriber and client must be physically present in the same room where the classes or meetings take place). TypeWell requires documentation of at least 50 hours of on-site, real-time experience before allowing a new transcriber to provide services remotely.

Former transcribers with on-site experience who complete the Refresher Course are exempt from this 50-hour on-site requirement, and may begin providing remote services immediately after renewing their service qualification.

How do I find a suitable candidate for the course?

This is an important question! We encourage you to post a job on the TypeWell Jobs Board as well as local/campus job listing sites.  

To save time, send all candidates through our three screening tests (typing, listening, grammar) first and ask them to email you their TypeWell test results along with a résumé. This way you can determine which candidates possess the necessary skills, before you invite them for an interview.

Should I pay the candidate while they're taking the course?

We don't have a "right" answer, but we can tell you what other sites do (it varies!).

Many, but not all, sponsors do pay candidates — usually at a lower hourly rate — for time spent completing the lessons. Some sponsors pay a flat rate upon successful completion of the course, or at periodic milestones throughout the course. Still others pay only the course tuition but do not compensate candidates for their time until they complete the course and actually begin providing services.  

What kind of laptop does the candidate need during the course?  

TypeWell is designed to work on any basic Windows-based laptop. Ergonomic comfort for the transcriber should be a top priority, so if possible, have the candidate test out the keyboard for comfort before you purchase a new computer. Read more about the requirements for the transcribing course computer.  

Is there other required equipment?

We recommend every candidate use an adjustable steno table, even during the course. Candidates should also have headphones to listen to the course audio (better than using computer speakers), access to a printer, a quiet place to work without distractions, etc. Read more about the course equipment and work area.

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